At International Fashion Weeks (IFW), we offer a multitude of platforms and opportunities for designers and brands to showcase their collections, gain visibility, and engage with the global fashion community. Whether you’re an established designer or a burgeoning brand, IFW provides diverse avenues to highlight your work and share your vision with the world.


Experience the pinnacle of fashion at THE SHOWS, part of International Fashion Weeks. Witness firsthand the unveiling of the latest trends and collections from the world’s leading designers and emerging talents. The Shows are where creativity, culture, and craftsmanship converge, offering a front-row view of the future of fashion.


IFW Studios is designed for brands looking for professionally curated campaign shoots of their collections. These bespoke campaigns are tailored to tell your brand’s story in a compelling visual format, utilizing IFW’s network of professional photographers, stylists, and models. Studios sessions are ideal for creating high-quality content suitable for marketing, press releases, and e-commerce, ensuring your collections resonate well beyond the runway.

IFW Insight Exchanges

Insight Exchanges consist of talks and workshops led by industry professionals, providing valuable learning opportunities and insights into the latest trends, business practices, and technological advancements in fashion. Participating in these sessions allows designers and brands to deepen their industry knowledge, explore new ideas, and engage in discussions that could shape the future of their business strategies.

IFW Brand Bays

Explore the dynamic Brand Bays at IFW, where designers and lifestyle brands alike present their latest creations to a global audience. These exhibition stands provide a unique platform for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands to engage directly with buyers, press, and enthusiasts, fostering invaluable connections and showcasing diverse industry innovations.

IFW Connects

Dive into the heart of the fashion industry with IFW Connects, a dynamic series of networking events designed to foster connections and collaboration. From insightful panel discussions to glamorous after-parties, IFW Connects offers unparalleled opportunities for fashion professionals to engage, share, and innovate together.