INTERNATIONAL Fashion Weeks was created by BeMedia Global (BMG), a world-leading producer and marketer, and partner to the international fashion community.

Under the BMG umbrella you’ll not only find IFW shows, but consumer-focused festivals, a designer incubator, a fashion education platform, a model advisory, and the World Fashion Council.

BMG is dedicated to raising the profile of international fashion, focusing on our home city of Amsterdam as an emerging cultural capital of Europe, and spotlighting stylish destinations and their local talent.

BMG aims to inspire, showcase, and unite the industry’s key creators, communicators, and consumers.

We are proud to be a leader in supporting the growing community of artists and designers who are part of the global cultural renaissance, giving them international stages on which to present their work.

IFW is hosted every year in several Major cities all over the world, an immersive fashion experience to showcase the newest collections of international designers. IFW is at the forefront of innovation and design as we foster relationships between fashion tech startups, designers, retailers and the media.

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