Amsterdam 2019

Event Summary

Our special program from Amsterdam 2019 represents our mission very clearly
It included:
– A 13-year-old prodigy designer from the UK – Designed by Josh
– A dutch sustainable bag designer who fights for human rights – Omar Munie
– Miss Arab 2014 as our model – Fati Jamali
– The Ghana Netherlands Business and Culture Council, featuring 8 different designers
– International designers from the USA, France, Pakistan, Czech Republic, UK, Belgium, Canada, Morocco, UK and, of course, the Netherlands
– Plus size Designer Monica Jones
– Diversity in the catwalk models with all-sizes models, transgenders etc.
– Dance show by C.A.D themed by the topic

Show Highlights

IFW seeks to fuse elements of a fashion show together with other theatrical events over two days. The goal is to create a vibrant, unique, and multinational movement.
With this year’s event, diversity is most vital as seen on the list of participating designers: from a 13-year-old Protégé from England (Designed by Josh’s Josh Birchjones), to hosting a plus-size designer, and including designers working in sustainable fashion as such the renown Omar Munie with his own incredible story to tell. These are not only important topics currently discussed in the fashion industry but a way to package these discourses for the interested public. But DIVERSITY with IFW doesn’t stop with the designers and extends to the models as well. You can keep up with the incredible models of all ages and sizes through #IamFWMODEL.
“Let’s celebrate fashion and beauty beyond bias and borders”
From America to Czech Republic, the UK to Canada, Morocco to France, Ghana to Pakistan. No country is far enough. No designer is unreachable. Everyone is welcomed by International Fashion Weeks. Not just a global event, no. It is a collaboration. A movement of prominent innovators who are passionate about promoting and advancing the fashion industry worldwide.
“Talent needs to be seen. It is the leading thread of our approach”
Besides this, the wonderful IFW team and Ghana Design Network (GDN) are planning on a Fashion Design exchange mission to the Netherlands for the international Fashion Weeks 2019. This is in collaboration with the esteemed Royal Embassy of the Netherlands, Ghana, and Vlisco Ghana, where selected fashion designers and models will get a lifetime opportunity to be exposed to the fashion world, globally. IFW is also sponsoring part of this program by offering the ‘Ghana Design Network’- delegation a platform and show coming March 2019.
Diversity AND fashion–what else could one wish for?
A fashion wunderkind

👗 Josh Birch Jones is just 13 years old and is considered a young fashion genius. The British teenager has already created two collections and presented them during London Fashion Week, amongst other contexts:

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